Welcome to Danielle LaPorte’s Heart Centered Affiliate Partner Program!

We’re honoured to have you here.

The basic premise of the Affiliate Partner Program is simple: you tell people about Heart Centered, and when they join, we send you gratitude cash.

We make it very easy

As an affiliate, you get access to our launch partner kit which includes:

  • Marketing ideas to craft magnetic messaging that’s sincere.
  • Calendars to organize your launches + invite people in sans stress.
  • Strategy to lean into the ease + abundance of passive marketing.
  • Copy swipes for heart felt, effortless email + social media shares.
  • Brand Guide to create compelling + beautiful visuals.

You’ll also receive a monthly email with talking points and ideas for sharing the theme of that month. Easy. Breezy. 

Love being a maven… but not looking to “market” anything?

Your link works no matter how/where/when it’s shared… even if it’s in that SUPER SIMPLE text to a friend about Heart Centered insights.

Questions? Team D is just an email away. Reach us at: [email protected] or read our Affiliate Terms & Conditions.


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