Planning Your Promotional Strategy


Before we go any further into Promotional Marketing, let’s clear up some common misconceptions:

  • The idea that only some people “do” marketing = false.
  • The idea that all marketing is slimy and aggressive = false.
  • The idea that if you’re creative, you’re genetically wired to be “bad” at marketing = false. 

You are a marketer because you have something (The Heart Centered Leadership Program) that you want to tell other people about. Period.

You want people to know it exists, and to fully understand what it is, so they can decide whether they want to sign up. That’s what a marketer does. You are a marketer.

Below are some prompts + questions that will help you craft your unique messaging about what makes The Heart Centered Leadership Program so special. You can use these throughout all of your marketing materials:

1. In a digital landscape of online courses + trainings, why did you sign up to become a Heart Centered Leader? 

2. How has being a Heart Centered Leader (or participant) transformed or supported you?

3. You’re sitting with your bestie in a cafe, catching up on everything. What would you tell she/he/them about your experience with Heart Centered?


The doors to the Heart Centered Leadership Program are open 365 days a year! Limitless opportunities for graceful promo + cash flow. We recommend you pick a few dates you want to market the program each year (once a quarter, once every 6-months, etc.) and utilize the resources below to get the most out of each promo period.

1. Map out your affiliate promo plans.
Grab your calendar and make a plan for which months you want to promote the Heart Centered Leadership Program. If it’s not scheduled, it likely won’t happen. Some months, you may go deep on the promotion, with dedicated emails to your list—while other months you might opt for some social posts only.

TIP: Decide which months of the year you’ll dedicate to BIGGER launches, and the rest you can plan to run smaller launches to make promoting Heart Centered for the year sustainable.

2. Schedule all your promotional social posts.
Once you’ve mapped everything out, a great way to maximize your time is by preloading as much social media content as possible. We love using Creator Studio + to pre-schedule all our promotional posts.

3. Look for cross-promotion opportunities.
Cross-promotion means that there’s an opportunity to tell people who’ve already expressed an interest in something, about another related product. For instance, if you are an affiliate of other Danielle LaPorte products, you could reach out to those who’ve purchased products before you to share Heart Centered with them. On social, if you share a DLP blog post, you could also mention Heart Centered in your post caption.


You can drop your affiliate link in lots of other places and let it silently work for you. Here are some ideas:

  • Put it in all your social media and website bios.
  • Add it (and a banner) to the bottom of your newsletters.
  • Put it in your email signature.
  • Put it in the description field of your private Facebook groups.
  • On your website About Page.

You get the idea, right?

Some of our top affiliate partners have been surprised by the number of clicks they’ve gotten from a single affiliate partner link placed at the bottom of their email newsletter, or tucked into their social media profiles.

Look around your digital life for opportunities to share your link. The possibilities are endless.

Pre-Planning Checklist

A handy checklist for launching a Heart Centered campaign. All optional, for your editorial schedule.

During Pre-Launch

⃞  Mark the upcoming promotion dates in your calendar.
⃞  Draft your Heart Centered story—your personal experience, to use across your marketing materials.
⃞  Plan your editorial calendar: blog posts, social posts, etc.

During Launch

⃞  Build a Heart Centered specific list.
⃞  Update your email signature with your affiliate link to the Heart Centered Leadership Program.
⃞  Update your website bio with your affiliate link to the Leadership Program.
⃞  Schedule blog posts and/or emails.
⃞  Schedule your social posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
⃞  Add email footers to your existing editorial emails.
⃞  Add the Heart Centered Leadership Program to your shop.
⃞  Create ads.
⃞  Schedule a last-chance email to your list the day before access to your bonus offerings expire (if applicable).

Tips for Promoting + Selling


1. Create a BONUS product
Consider offering a bonus product to those who become Heart Centered Leaders through your Affiliate link. It could be a one-on-one coaching session, free access to your product(s), tickets to an event, etc.

Note: Many Heart Centered Leaders sign up on a monthly payment plan, so consider that when planning your bonus. Be clear about how and when someone can access that bonus.

2. Share your personal story
Share photos of your Heart Centered workshops, sessions, and circles… where you do your weekly practices, quotes you love from the Attunement classes or training sessions. Anything that shows off your personal experience in the program.

3. Promote to your inner circle
Share your affiliate link with people you already know: friends, family, the people in your book club.

4. Create your own affiliate shop
If you have a website, create a SHOP page in your website navigation bar and create a page where you can load links and images to all of the products you’re affiliated with.

5. Things you love
If you have a blog, consider creating a post highlighting “things I love” or “my favourite things” and include the Leadership Program. (This is especially useful during the holidays!)

6. Share non-product content
Consider introducing someone to Heart Centered by first sharing your favourite post or #Truthbomb from Danielle LaPorte. After making the introduction through content, you may find people are more receptive and more likely to click on a product promotion.

7. Link shortening
Affiliate links can be long and look strange to people, so we always suggest cleaning up and shortening your links using a service like


Tips on selling the program from an experienced Facilitator:

Mellissa Last has been a Facilitator with us since 2016, and a source of support in this community. Below are 4 strategies that have been working as she supports prospective Heart Centered Facilitators…

1. Offer personal support. Mellissa offers structured 30 to 45 minute Q&A sessions for anyone considering joining the Heart Centered Facilitator Program. Individuals fill out a series of questions beforehand regarding what kind of business they are currently in (or want), their visions, etc. Mellissa guides the conversation around integrating the Heart Centered Content into what they’re doing (or aspire to). And if it turns out not to be a fit, she’s found segueing into The Heart Centered Membership instead works very well.

2. Follow up. After the phone call, Mellissa emails an outline she created that explains the benefits of the Facilitator program and recaps how this can support the prospective new Facilitator in their vision. She personalizes a summary of their conversation and some specific benefits to them/their business. The rest is a complete cut & paste of features of the program found on the sales page.

3. Offer a sign on bonus. Much later in the conversation with the prospective Facilitator, Mellissa will offer “signing” bonuses for using her link.

4. Be their point person. Mellissa shared that any questions she doesn’t have the answer to, she’ll reach out to Team D on behalf of the person she’s supporting. This ensures they don’t feel like they’re being passed off. She works as their point person 90% of the time, and people appreciate it.

Marketing + Social Copy

When writing social media posts, emails, tweets, any promotional materials, consider the questions outlined above
in the “UNIQUE MESSAGING” section.

Always put the most thought provoking, heart tugging line/content first! Pull people in.
Read it back to yourself. Do you dig what it’s got to say, or tune out? Use this as your metric.

Email Swipes

Hi, Hello…

What do you get when you combine 30 seasoned and committed Leaders with four Master Integral Coaches, a few psychologists, and an energy worker; on top of seven years of on-the-ground workshopping experience in 30+ countries, with lifetimes of spiritual exploration and stellar entrepreneurship in the personal development space?

You get…

Tools + support for shifting from reactive to reflective living

Teaching tools for resilience + reflective living to empower the people you serve. For coaches, counsellors, team builders, teachers, wellness professionals, and idealists of all kinds… 

The curriculum gives you 30+ exercises, workshop outlines + business support for your work in the world. 


Exercises like: Holding Polarization, How To Choose Loving Thoughts, Reflecting Responsibility, The Relationship Releasing Visualization. All of the practices are built on the premise that a heart centered life is a reflective life. When we live more reflectively, we behave less reactively. 

We have 350+ Leaders, in 24+ Countries, offering hundreds of workshops, programs, and one-on-one sessions. There’s been healing, rejuvenation, and prosperity. If you come to join us, you’ll immediately notice how supportive and caring everyone is.

The world needs to be having heart centered conversations. And the people facilitating those conversations need support.

The intelligence of love is the medicine of these times. Please step forward if you’d like to join us in the healing work… unified. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IS HERE.


To awakening hearts everywhere.

With All My Love + Support,


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The world needs to be having heart centered conversations. And the people facilitating those conversations need support. @daniellelaporte has 30+ exercises, workshop outlines, and business support for your work in the world, and it’s available right this very minute: [YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE]

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Calling all idealists! It’s time to go pro.

@daniellelaporte’s HEART CENTERED LEADERSHIP PROGRAM is curriculum + business support for your work in the world.

It works for team leaders, instructors, counsellors, coaches, and idealists of all kinds.


Please lean in and learn more… 



It’s too late in the cosmic day to help people build plans that are self centered. The world needs heart centered humans in boardrooms, classes, homes, and every community.

@daniellelaporte’s Heart Centered Leadership program teaches you to conduct conversations with people about forgiveness, loving kindness, self, and global compassion.


This is deep work—smartly designed for you to make into your own business offering, compliment what you already have going on, or to bring to your workplace. And we’ll be supporting you every step of the way.

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Lead brighter. Serve deeper

@daniellelaporte’s Heart Centered Leadership program is a robust + comprehensive place to start.

We equip you with sophisticated, beautiful material for supporting heart opening work with clients and groups—virtually or in person.

We train you to be great facilitators and workshop hosts—master level coaches have designed these enrichment modules.

We support your success with our entrepreneurial know-how—you’ll be in @daniellelaporte’s private business circle with monthly cheerleading.

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“The support I’ve received from the Heart Centered community throughout my involvement
has been second to none. The level of
training and support has been so valuable as I begin
to share the work with my community.”

– Melanie Clark Pullen, Heart Centered Leader 
Northern Ireland, UK

“Becoming a Heart Centered Facilitator is one of the best ways that I have ensured that I walk my talk.
My self care practices and truly embodying the virtues is what allows me to share it with others in
an authentic and natural way.”

– Sara Martin Madkour, Heart Centered Leader 
Saratoga Springs, USA

“Finding the Heart Centered curriculum was akin to finding the missing piece in my
coaching practice

– Jacquie Costron, Business + Life Strategist
Kingston, Canada

“As an experienced facilitator of psychological wellbeing workshops, I was very interested in the Heart Centred curriculum for my own self-care and ongoing mindfulness practice. What I was delighted to also discover as a Heart Centred Facilitator was a beautiful community of practice with ‘like-hearted’ individuals in diverse areas of practice who couldn’t wait to reach out and support each other with so much generosity and warmth.”

– Claire Nabke, Psychologist
Sydney, Australia

Brand Guide

Marketing Collateral + Creative (assets)

Share these graphics on your socials, website, emails—anywhere you promote Heart Centered.