Make friends with your fear. Close 2021 with fierce love. Available for December only.

The Courage Virtue Blessing. The Embrace Meditation. And a light spectrum practice.










Find solace. Build resiliency.

Spiritual practices for self + collective healing.
Guided by Danielle LaPorte + V.S.

We’re here to heal—and lead, with the intelligence of love. And by “here” I mean on the planet. It’s the reason we’ve incarnated. To burn the illusions that we’re anything less than Divine and interconnected. This is the shadow work we hear about. Diving deeper into our subconscious to find abiding Light. Our excavation tools are meditation, reflection, ritual, heaps of compassionand community.

The opposite of ego centered is heart centered. We’re going from the small, wounded self to the Higher Self. In terms of electromagnetic frequency, the heart chakra’s force is 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s. Love is the most powerful intelligence.


 ‣ So much of spiritual practice is about cleansing. We don’t need to look for the truth as much as we need to remove the lies we believe.

‣ We haven’t been raised to live reflectively. We lack contemplative support systems.

‣ The Age of Aquarius, the new epoch that we’re in, is ushering in unity consciousness—“me” to “we” is the only way forward.

‣ Suffering alchemizes into Radiance. With intention, we can remediate anxiety into stability. Dark nights of the soul into new life. Relationship fractures get mended. Rage against the machine becomes fuel for Faith. Loneliness, melting into intimacy. Overwhelm into seva.

This is the work I offer in Heart Centered.

To join a community of seeking humans who want to create change through self-awareness and service. I’m offering vetted esoteric tools for dissolving the obstructions to love and compassion. We cleanse, we relate, we create the conditions for healing.

I see you.

I know you. I am you. We are each other's "becoming."

Heart Centered is here to hold you, while you let go.



+  You're a deep feeler. You suspect this could be a Superpower, but often it feels like a short circuit. (It isn't.)

+  You're highly intentional, but can feel strangely perplexed about your priorities. This is frustrating AF. 

+  Your life is your message. But sometimes you're not clear on the message Life is sending you.

+  You know that pleasure is empowering... but how can you live in joy when there's so much pain in the world?

+  You know that social media is a dopamine binge-fest. And you want to get that IN CHECK. You also want to get your Mother/Father, Faith/Doubt, Netflix/Meditate issues IN CHECK.

+  Inwardly, you're shocked at how much shit you take sometimes—and how cruelly you speak to yourself. On the bleakest days, you feel undeserving of what you desire most. This feels like a hard-to-believe vicious cycle. 

+  You've already done so much inner work. Therapy. Coaching. Wellness. Recovery. But if I asked if you relate to the terms "workaholic," you'd probably raise your hand. My friend... you even work at relaxing.

+  There are so many things you want to give-receive from life... when your plate is clear, when your health is optimal, when the relationship is vibing higher, when more money is in your account. When...

+  You want someone you trust, who's been around the cosmic block, to give you the straight goods on how to clear your mind and tap your LIFE FORCE. (Hi! That'd be me.)

+  And... Love is one of your highest values. And although you have your struggles, nothing will stop you from leaving this place better than you found it.

I know the routes back to joy, because I’ve walked through some dark caves. And I’m giving them all to you. In order of priority. Weekly. Deeply.

I don’t promise quick fixes. There are no “steps.” I’m offering a support system steeped in wisdom traditions, personal revelations, and idealism.



What you get, how it’s laid out, and the invincible love woven in…


The Perspective on a unique monthly theme

Each month, you'll receive a Perspective piece. It's my sermon on the key virtue we're focusing on. An expository on how we meet the ego self with our Higher Self. More basically, how we clean up our shadow sh*t, and ride the waves of change. Everything else for the month supports the Perspective.


Each month, a menu of practices in your Guidebook. 

It’s an aspirational mix n’ match—you choose to do what resonates with you

  • A meditation kit
  • A deep journaling exercise
  • Dark of the Moon Write n’ Burn
  • Full Moon Write n’ Burn
  • Blessings or rituals for: bathing, gratitude, sacred word sets
  • A monthly Integration exercise to notice your shifts
  • Quick prep process to help you set yourself up for the month

MEDITATE ANYWHERE. We’ve designed all meditations as printable decks. Also with:

  • Guided Audio—download to your device and meditate where you are. WiFi not necessary.
  • Visual mood boards—for anyone who struggles with visualization, we’ve got you.

Meditation Collections. We cycle through a series of meditations. They currently are: The Creation Space, Love + Radiance, Embrace, Earth Adoration, and The Golden Light Body. ($150 total value in my shop). HEART CENTERED members unlock them all, and I go into deeper detail about the practices each month.

We have 4 gatherings a month—that's 48 sessions a year.

  • 2 Heart to Heart LIVE video meets. It’s like going to temple or psych class with your girlfriendssacred and a bit unruly. 
  • 2 LIVE Meditation Classes on the Full + New Moons. Your friends are welcome to this. 

Private + optional.

Co-created with our resident energy healer, V.S., only for Members. They will not be available outside of this container.

Share and witness observations in the community with our monthly insight report.

Exclusive practices to find stillness, enthusiasm, love, and receptivity.

  • Mantras. Sacred tracks for subconscious cleansing, on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube.
  • Printable cue cards of featured prayers, practices, or power words.
  • Flower Essence or Essential Oil recommendation for cellular support.
  • Love notes texted to you (a member favourite).
  • A new shop discount every month.

How to Create a Heart Centered Altar Kit.

Audio + visuals for setting up a self-consecrated altarfor the wellbeing of all.

Welcome support series:

  • Orientation from Danielle
  • The fundamentals of visualizations + other practices
  • Tour of the portal + community set up

Digital + Printable Guidebook.

Magazine meets meditative.

Calendar directives. We lay it all out.

  • Suggested times for practices
  • Astro dates
  • Meditation classes
  • Member events
  • Content release schedule
  • Feast Days + Holidays

Sunday emails orienting you to where you need to go—practically and metaphysically.

LaPortal. Everything is housed in a private portal. Easy breezy.

EVERYTHING in print! EVERYTHING in audio!

One for one!

When you pay for a full year, you’re sponsoring someone in need who’s requested a membership scholarship. 

Also, when you pay full price, you help us support these charities: 

  • Ally Global: helping survivors of human trafficking find healing
  • VDay: ending violence against women + girls
  • Tree Sisters: reforesting the world

1 tree is planted for you every month that you’re with us. So far, we’ve planted almost 15,000 trees!


The Courage to LOVE IT ALL

There is nothing to be scared of when you meet your fears with friendliness.

Trying to crush our fears is not helping us. At all. It creates more pain.
Courageous is HEART FORTITUDE.

For the month of December, I’ve laid out 3 practices:

  • The Courage Virtue Blessing. 4 minutes. Do it as much as you need to.
  • The Rainbow Love Exercise. We work with light to dissolve pain.
  • The Embrace Meditation. 15 minutes for connecting to the Feminine source.

Think of how deeply you love the people that you love the most. SO MUCH! Or how much you love the Divine Itself, or Mother Nature. Got it? Okay, love your fears with that same kind of reverence. That’s the change maker.

I’m with you.


▸ Responsive to the times.

I choose themes about six weeks in advance so we’re on the pulse of change. Each month we start fresh. You’ll never be left behind. Here’s a few we’ve covered: Worth. Integrity. For giving. Openness. Acceptance. Leadership. Radiance.

I don’t map out the year in advance. This is not repurposed from books I wrote years ago, and lectures I gave along the way. I’m creating it as we go.

▸ Togetherness.

In our video meets (24 a year! + 24 meditation classes!), I sermonize, sprinkle in some relevant researchfrom A Course In Miracles to the Bhagavad Gita—and the community offers the most introspective and transparent questions. We’ve talked about Christ Consciousness, porn addiction, despair, forgiveness, body love, and all kinds of relationship dynamics. The people in this space are deep and willing. We often pray. We always laugh.

▸ Resonance + self guidance.

I no longer give time-fixed directives where we “do this practice on this week.” Healing is more likely to happen if you choose your own adventure. So, I spread the practices + rituals out, like on a (vegan) cheese platter, and you mix n’ match. Resonance.

▸ Esoterically informed.

I collaborate with a beloved energy healer, V.S., who draws on multiple spiritual traditions. She lives and practices very privately. For me, it’s like having a monk on speed dial. Together, we decide on themes and key notes. V. helps design the meditations, and selects and energizes the mantras and sacred word sets.

▸ Sacred container.

We do not share the content outside of the membership. We hold this as an energetic net that each member can receive the healing of.

▸ Generosity.

For every year long membership paid in advance, we sponsor another person! We have tiered prices for people who just need a bit of break. And we have prices specifically for Canadian + Australian residents to offset currency exchange.


Yes you are. Registration is now open.









We'd be honoured to have you.

To see our accessibility pricing and scholarship options, keep scrolling.

Encouragement for spiritual commitment.
A living library of esoteric practices.
Delivered with smart design.

The Heart Centered Portal

Everything lives in the HEART CENTERED Portal—home base. 

You have access to all of it for the duration of your membership, so there’s no stress about bookmarking that brilliant thing I said in that one particular issue that you want to read three months later at midnight when you really, really need it. Just enter the magic LaPortal et VOILA! Everything, ever.


The Guidebook 

Every month we layout the flow in a beautiful, immersive Guidebook. It's a manual-meets-magazine, but I keep it as lean as possible, with blank space for your reflective writing. Gorgeous imagery, but no excessive scrolling. Print and bind it if you like.

Also included... printable cards/posters. You get extra pretty one-pagers for the key prayers, poems, practices, and occasional truthbomb.

EVERYTHING is also in audio. Danielle-voiced. Audio-palooza.

I don't care where we go, just take me with you. I’ve got sonic love for you. I record the entire curriculum, guided visualizations, rituals, prayers. And sacred word sets, looped 108 times, set to rhythmic beats. You’ll be building an audio library that you can keep forever.


All videos are subtitled or transcribed. Your weekly readings and practices are now available in text AND audio for wider accessibility. That's a LOT of sonic Danielle love every month.


We take the benefits of these practices into our friendships, and romantic relationships, and our intentions. The micro moves can influence big changeswhen we remember to breathe the anxiety into our heart space, or to offer compassion to someone instead of reaction. We sleep better. We lead with more grace. We become less worried about possible doom, and more engaged in healing the world from our healed sense of self.


I’m offering something that helps us dissolve our barriers and energy bubbles in a healthy way. When we get aligned with Source energy, we root more into the life we’re here to live. Hands in dirt, morals engaged, and even more bravery for intimacy—real conversations with neighbours, significant others. And with ourselves. Turns out that self honesty is the most profound spiritual practice of all. The heart center is home base. From there, we get off habitual device-using and connected for real.

A support system for reflection

Profound changes are underway for us. I think this new era is requiring us to do massive letting go and realignment with our Divine Nature. A more reflective life resources us for change—be it disruption, loss; our gentle, daily evolutions; or the most magnificent love that comes our way in a holy instant.

We’re finding nourishment in discharging illusions and pain.
We’re cultivating self agency and love, in relation to the whole.
We’re cleaning up the unseen debris in our energy bodies,
so that the Light of our Soul can pour into us.

We’re healing.

I’d be honoured to have you with us. 

With Love,


For questions a search engine can't answer... Heart Centered.

I’m in love with Heart Centered Members. These are (mostly) women who are intent on healing their lives and showing up to be of service in the world. Our conversations go way beyond basic self care and getting unstuck (though sometimes, that’s exactly what we need to get into). Our Heart to Hearts every other week are nectar.

Just look at some of the conversation topics submitted from Heart Centered Members…


We’re committed to providing you with insight and encouragement that is accessible for your needs.


We have two pricing levels and a scholarship option:

We offer some scholarships every month—first come, first serve. (Each person who does the year pre-pay option, creates a free space for someone—1 for 1!) To apply for a full scholarship, contact us HERE.


Team D is a small business, employing a full-time team of 17 women and one lucky dude, in three different countries; working on the content, design, tech delivery, and member support for this program and community. And we’re grateful that this is our livelihood!

The retail value for the membership is $70 USD/month. We over-deliver, we love generosity.

We donate to TreeSisters to plant one tree for every month that you’re a member. We also donate regularly to Ally Global for providing healing for victims of trafficking, and VDay to end violence against women and girls.

For relative reference, perhaps consider what you spend on other types of wellness support—therapy, massage, courses, and organic gluten-free treats made on a full moon…


The Desire Map Facilitator Discount!

Desire Map Facilitators enjoy a discounted rate of $35 a month, with an annual commitment. Email us at [email protected] and mention your Facilitator status.


Danielle LaPorte

 I write and speak about the intelligence of Love. 

Some career details: I used to run a future studies think tank in Washington, D.C., and my own publicity agency. I never went to university, I got rejected from art school, and I was fired from a business that I co-founded. When I was little, I wanted to be a “social worker, disco dancer, and a poet.” I think I’ve managed to pull that off.

I’m the creator of The Heart Centered Membership and The Desire Map book + planner system. There are 400+ Desire Map Facilitators in 23 countries. Desire Map as a “brand” is evolving into a Heart Centered Coaching curriculum—our first cadre of trained coaches will be of service in the summer of 2021.

I’m a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100. Over 5 million people a month visit, which Forbes named one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women”. My podcast, With Love, Danielle ranks in iTunes’ Top 10 for wellness. I’m honoured that Marianne Williamson has referred to me, “as a bright light in the modern priestesshood.” And one of my other heroines, V (formerly known as Eve Ensler) called me “a force field of energy, wonder, humour, and love.” Thank you.

I co-create all of my meditation decks and the Heart Centered Membership with a beloved esoteric practitioner of many spiritual traditions, V. S. Offering these practices is one of the greatest blessings of my life… along with working with a wonderful team, living in Vancouver, Canada; and being the mother of my teenage son.