We’re committed to providing you with insight and encouragement that is accessible for your needs.


We have two pricing levels and a scholarship option:

We offer some scholarships every month—first come, first serve. (Each person who does the year pre-pay option, creates a free space for someone—1 for 1!) To apply for a full scholarship, contact us HERE.


Team D is a small business, employing a full-time team of 17 women and one lucky dude, in three different countries; working on the content, design, tech delivery, and member support for this program and community. And we’re grateful that this is our livelihood!

The retail value for the membership is $70 USD/month. We over-deliver, we love generosity.

We donate to TreeSisters to plant one tree for every month that you’re a member. We also donate regularly to Ally Global for providing healing for victims of trafficking, and VDay to end violence against women and girls.

For relative reference, perhaps consider what you spend on other types of wellness support—therapy, massage, courses, and organic gluten-free treats made on a full moon…