BIG ENERGY: Inner Child Work That Will Change Your Life

When you actively take care of your unhealed self, you unlock massive life energy. 

The ancient teachings to psych 101 all get down to Shadow work, which is Light work, which is really INNER CHILD WORK. 

In some wellness spaces, Inner Child work has gotten very… watery. And that leads to more blame and emotional quicksand. People think Inner Child is like walking down dark alleys, but it's actually about opening your heart and getting really, really… free.

This BIG ENERGY workshop + audiobook will help you reframe the emotional work with some healing, sweet practices. 

Your Inner Child is not a problem. Your fear and pain are not problems. They are energies that we use for becoming whole. And powerful.

BIG ENERGY is teaching:

  • What triggers your emotional shut downs
  • How the Soul selects our lessons (aka our families of origin)
  • You’ll do an exercise that connects your current adult emotions to the unmet needs of your Inner Child
  • … and you’ll start to build different responses to pain and how you show up in relationships.

Inner Child connecting is the most powerful medicine. I think all other healing is secondary to this—it’s that important. 


  • This is the last workshop that we’re opening to the public for the rest of the year. Going forward, all workshops will be private for Heart Centered Members. 
  • Everyone in the HC Membership will already have access to the Love + Radiance Visualization to support the other Inner Child work tools I’ll present in the workshop-audiobook.


You’ll get the audiobook and video replay, with the slide deck and resource notesBe there live if you can, but if not, this teaching is yours to go back to more than once… which is recommended with this material. 

This is a meta-physical, profoundly practical kind of workshop. 90 minutes. Bring what’s heavy and we’ll pour some light on it. Prepare to take notes. Give yourself the gift of note multitasking. We’re here to heal.

Drop-in for only $37 USD. 

  • LIVE 90-minute class with Danielle
  • Guided visualization
  • Replay is yours to keep
  • The replay will include class notes and links to any resources mentioned

**FREE for Heart Centered Members + Masterminders.

$37.00 USD

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