How To Heal, For Real

Shifting your relationship to all kinds of pain and dis-ease

Resistanceself hatred, conflict, denial, leads to congested energy. Which leads to emotional, mental and physical pain. There’s a higher-minded way to work “with” our pain, instead of against it. It’s that kind of mental strength that does the healing. 

It’s what we’re here to cultivate.

We’re packing a lot of deep and liberating theories into this workshop: 


  • What’s the role of “attachment” when we want to get out of pain? 
  • What’s the result of trying to heal with “force”?
  • Is pain inevitable? Is suffering optional?
  • Can we give our pain too much attention, or should we try to run from it?
  • What’s the “Higher desire” that helps us to heal?
  • How do our thoughts + speech affect our healing?
  • How does sympathetic resonance help us come into balance?
  • How does your relationship with your Inner Child help you heal on all levels?

This workshop was co-created with Danielle and V.S., the metaphysical practitioner she has been working with for 8+ years. It is an overflowing 90 minutes. 

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