What’s your stress type (and how we can heal it)

Thursday, November 2 
12pm PT | 3pm ET

Our wellness radiates. How we show up for ourselves and others, especially in close relationships will parallel the overall health of our nervous system. If our nervous system is strong and balanced, then our relationship “containers” feel stronger.

The class will be packed:

  • What's your stress response: Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn?
  • What creates nervous system dysregulation?
  • What creates a healthy, balanced nervous system?

Big statement: Tending to our nervous system should be the #1 priority of everyone on the planet these days. Full stop. Come to class and let the nourishment begin.

$20.00 USD

Take this experience Deeper! Upgrade to Deeply Nourished for an additional $55.

Clearing inner clutter to restore our sanity.

Get all six classes from the Deeply Nourished series PLUS 3 months of Heart Centered membership. An ALL ACCESS pass to our wisdom library: 3 years of classes, practices, playlists, mantras, ritual kits, meditations, audios, and more.

In this series we are going to get you in your body by aligning, unblocking, releasing, and resetting your nervous system so that you can head into winter in a much calmer, more integrated state.

Class 1: How to sync with your Higher Self
Class 2: How to release relationship patterns
Class 3: The truth inside your pain 
Class 4: Life force visualization
Class 5: What's your stress type? (and how we can heal it) 
Class 6: Healing with sound

Hustle culture and mindless consumption are out. What we’re craving can’t be “fixed” with a Netflix binge or a social media scroll.

Enter: The DEEPLY NOURISHED class series. I’m teaching about accessing your Higher Self and the practices that have helped our long time Heart Centered members and me to let go of not-so-awesome relationship patterns, and re-set our nervous systems. This is all stuff you’ll be referring to for years to come.

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