How to embrace your resistance (this is a major power move)

Acceptance is the ultimate openness
A 60-min LIVE class and Q+A with Danielle

Acceptance and resistance are dance partners. Don’t stop the dance. Acceptance isn’t weakness or passivity. Acceptance is actually highly dynamic because it’s in unison with how life is flowing. 

Are you going to flow in the direction of the drama and fabrication? Or are you going to flow with LIFE? 

Get on the life cruise—and let’s dive in.


“Celebrating being in this container with all of you. My heart is ablaze with excitement for it all. Danielle, I’m enamored with your mention of us being like stars in the solar system and interacting with the planetary energy—AND our soul is like the sky; no weather pattern can swallow the sky, no emotional pattern can affect our soul. SO good!” — CiaraTague

“Thank you for offering this! It's exactly what my heart and soul needs.” — Natalie Cerise

“So so grateful to be here with you all. I just joined and I feel right at home already” — Isabel Barjaktarevic

“Having listened to your amazing book, I jumped at the opportunity to join the membership and I am so excited for the three month circle and the journey ahead! Thank you so much” — Debbie Morris 

$20.00 USD

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