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The Nourish System + Heart Centered Membership Bundle Upgrade

Along with your purchase of The Deeply Nourish System, you get all six classes from the Deeply Nourished series PLUS 3 months of Heart Centered membership. An ALL ACCESS pass to our wisdom library: 3 years of classes, practices, playlists, mantras, ritual kits, meditations, audios, and more.

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The Nourish System A La Carte

Get all eight modules of the Nourish System PLUS a full year of monthly email support.

This 8-week program is an integral, digestible, action-based approach to nervous system health that addresses the whole person: body, mind, soul, and relationships. 

It merges East and West, spirituality and science, using tried + true tools from ancient spiritual practices and the functional medicine field…

Guiding you to live in a way that naturally nourishes your nervous system + maximizes your total wellness, creativity, connection, and spiritual potency.

Module 1: The Pre-Care
Module 2: The Knowledge 
Module 3: From Wigging Out To Wisdom
Module 4: The Healing 
Module 5: Regulate To Relate
Module 6: Grace Your Space
Module 7: Feeding + Freeing Your Body
Module 8: Livelihood + Steadying On

Every week, we’re going to add and subtract from your life, as you become the Marie Kondo of your wellness…

Cleaning out your physical and mental cupboards, keeping only what’s truly essential + effective, as we master + dial in each of the core pillars above.

Nourish System is a complete restoration of your life’s foundation, supporting + strengthening every area to help you thrive in leading a resilient, connected Heart Centered life.