It’s a club, it’s a course, it's a community…
It's the game changer.

12 weeks of guidance and support with Danielle
for embodying Love + Compassion.


I see you.

I know you… because I am you.

We made it through 3 years of global upheaval and bonkers-ville. Whether we’re conscious of it or not, I think most of us are just starting to recover. I see a reclamation happening: we want to mend relationships, we want vitality, we want to put our Wisdom to use.

I want to help you recover from an overburdened nervous system and at the same time, nurture beautiful visions for the future.

“Circles! Circles!” I’ve been hearing this inner cue for years. Here we are:

It’s a book club for the heartbroken + the Resilient Visionaries (we’re both).
It’s a drop-in salon if you need a Wisdom boost.
It’s a continuous community—because unity is THE medicine.
It’s a guided course in creating conditions of healing—that I’m so lit up to teach!

Heart Centered is here to hold you, while you let go.


Experience The Circle

Pop-in for a class À La Carte OR
Go all in with the 3-Month Exclusive

You’re committed to heart centered living and leadership. You’re a bit weary. You want to be intimate with The Divine. You’re not giving up. You long for simplicity, depth. You know we're better together. And your life is full (or maybe it feels full of emptiness.) Either way… you’re here for Love.

Here’s my favourite promise ever… we are going to get together and FOCUS ON THE ENERGY OF THE SOLUTION. I have theories, stories, and tools that can help you flourish.

Heart to Heart Classes

How to give yourself a break (and stay open to growing)

You are not in need of more judgment or fault-finding.

During this class we focus on celebrating rather than critiquing. We are all in need of more Loving Kindness. And when that flows, anything that’s out of sorts will naturally come into balance.


Are old stories holding you back?

There’s so much that we want good n’ GONE. But here’s the thing: nothing is leaving your life or your thought patterns until you give it the light of your consciousness—your love.

It’s time for a good Bless + Release! I’ve got you.


You’ve got nothing to prove…

This is an invitation to the alternative: Your Divine Value. After years of staying late, and still not feeling seen… over-giving, and still not feeling appreciated, exhausted from all the effort… You’re a spark of the Infinite.

It’s time to recognize that every time you look in the mirror.


Acceptance is the ultimate openness

Acceptance and resistance are dance partners
. Don’t stop the dance. Acceptance isn’t weakness or passivity. Acceptance is actually highly dynamic because it’s in unison with how life is flowing.

Are you going to flow in the direction of the drama and fabrication? Or are you going to flow with LIFE? Get on the life cruise—and let’s dive in.


Every emotion is carrying a message

Every single feeling arises to be experienced and integrated into our hearts. Which is to say, every emotion is trying to get our attention.

We acquire a lot of our feelings from past experiences and social conditioning. Emotions are habitualized thoughts. If many of our emotions are habitual, then how do we be genuinely present in all situations? I’ve got the answer!


Train your mind to level up your reality

One of the best applications of our free will is to choose higher vibration thinking. Because ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT. And choosing LOVING THOUGHTS is an act of Loving Kindness that shifts our lives and our societies.

We can transform our default thinking of doubt and hostility to a steadier stream of kindness and resiliency—and that’s the ultimate freedom from suffering.


Dissolve the blocks to more aliveness

Could there be a bigger, more all encompassing topic than LOVE? Love is limitless.

The call is to keep Love flowing in all directions. I’m hurt… and still, I Love. I feel offended… and I still send you Love. I’m heart broken, and still, I Love.

There’s a path to the heart: practices, rituals, tools, deep questions, breathing techniques. Ways to make more room to give it, to receive it, more Love now.


Tap your wisdom to make good things happen

You can’t hear your (Higher) self unless you get still and listen. Just the concept of “stillness” makes some of us panic because society drives, drives, drives us to produce—non-stop. School and business teach us to mine the “facts.” Now we’ll learn to tap WISDOM.


Emerge from challenges changed for the better

Please don’t “toughen up.” Let Life open you. Especially when the ride gets bumpy… bend. Bow. Stretch. Flex. Rest. Stay soft. Adapt.

Adaptability is the strength of the Soul. Here's your invitation to let the brittleness, the polarization, the stuckness… let it all go. And a few exercises that’ll keep the heart-mind anchored in the resilience of expansion.


Activate your most empowered way of being

We’re inculcated to think of “power” as something we have to strive for. Go get it. Build on it. Grind for it.

We’ve had it wrong for a long time. The “power” I’m focused on is True Power. The power to create, to inspire, to heal minds, to build bridges. Transformative power. Our power move is to become as receptive as possible to Higher Guidance.


To Heal the World, Heal Yourself

It can happen in the twinkling of an eye, the Holy Instant—a flash of awareness.
It more likely happens over time. Perhaps over lifetimes.
It is redemptive, unifying, glorious.

HEALING. A return to love. It’s why we’re here.

The socially responsible path is to heal ourselves of whatever is raging within us. To become untriggerable. Steady in all storms. World peace starts with self-actualization.

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The How To Be Loving Circle

A Heart Centered Member Exclusive

12 weeks of support and guidance with Danielle 
for embodying Love + Compassion

Weekly Classes with Danielle

12 LIVE Heart to Heart video calls with Danielle

It’s an honour to connect with this community. I always begin with a deep dive into the topic or a short inquiry practice. Then we dive into LIVE questions. We’ve talked about acceptance, addiction, forgiveness, body love, grief, relationship dynamics, and more! It’s all shadow work. Recordings are uploaded to LaPortal for you to watch anytime.

The How To Be Loving eBook + Audiobook ($40 value)

10+ hours of sonic love

Unabridged and read by Danielle. Featuring exclusive audio practices + reflections. Heart centered, soul powered, and divinely timed. A place for nuance and Compassion, where profound acceptance has room to grow.

Weekly Guides

Every week we lay out readings, practices + teachings in a simple, beautiful Reflection Guide

Print + bind or keep it digital, the Reflection Guide is the home of Danielle’s weekly Love Note, the list of our practices (reflections, meditation, bathing ritual—you choose), and calendar with all dates + event links for the week.

LaPortal ($2000 value)

Everything lives in the HEART CENTERED Portal—home base

Easy, breezy access to everything for the duration of your membership. Audios! Playlists! Meditation Kits! Recordings of the Heart to Hearts! BONUS! When you become a member, you get 100+ posts with content from three years of Heart Centered history!

12 Meditation Kits ($500 value)

You receive access to all of our core meditation kits. Follow your heart with which one you want to work with. I will suggest certain practices each month that support the theme and astrological alignments.

Each kit includes: Guided audios + a beautifully designed, printable deck for portability.

Practices + Rituals

For introspection and cleansing.
In the past we’ve done:
Relationship Releasing,
Savasana + Redwood Visualization,
The Water Blessing, Ritual Salt Bath,
The Fire Practice…

Dark of the Moon +
Full Moon Rituals

We do “release” writing prompts two to three times a month. This is a staple to our monthly cleansing work.


Danielle DJ’s (via Spotify + YouTube) soul, rock, folk, old gospel—whatever musical experience sings to the month’s theme.

Facebook Community 

Exclusive + Optional. The people in this community are wise and generous. Connect directly or share your insights, and Danielle pops in from time to time.

Text messages

Love notes + meditation reminders (you’ll love these).

Everything is on Audio!

I’ve got sonic love for you: the entire curriculum, visualizations, exercises… You’ll build an audio library you can keep forever.


Ready to ride?

During this one-time LIVE program, you’ll receive full access to:

  • 12 LIVE Heart to Heart classes with Danielle 
  • The How To Be Loving Audiobook 
  • The How To Be Loving eBook
  • 12 interactive Reflection Guides 
  • 12 audio guided practices (Book Circle Exclusive)
  • 11 audio guided reflections (Book Circle Exclusive)
  • Access to a library of 12+ guided meditation experiences
  • Access to our wisdom library featuring 90+ hours (70+ videos) of real-time guidance from Danielle
  • BONUS! The Heart Centered Altar Kit ($35 value). “I have just set up my altar. It has become a centering force in my home, both grounding and inspiring.” – Ingrid, HC Member

I don’t promise quick fixes. There are no “steps.” I’m offering a beautiful support system steeped in wisdom traditions, personal revelations, and idealism.

▸ You’ll strengthen your connection with Source… Soul… Creation.

▸ Your healed sense of self will help the people around you heal.

▸ You will take these insights into your relationships.

▸ You’ll lead with more grace. You won’t wig out about the future. You’ll sleep better.



A support system for reflection

Profound changes are underway for all of us. This era is requiring us to do massive letting go. We need to get into realignment with our Divine Nature.

The more reflective we are, the less reactive we’ll be.

So that’s what this support system is for—tools and community for reflective living.

We’re letting go of the blocks to peace. 
We’re cultivating self love—in relation to the whole.
We’re cleaning up debris in our energy bodies,
so that the Light of our Soul can pour into us.

We’re healing.

I’d be honoured to have you with us.

With Love,